What Sets Us Apart?

The Triumph of Communication over Cleverness

Many agencies seem to think the object of your marketing budget is to give them a creative playground. That's why you see so many campaigns that are clever and creative but fail to accomplish the real purpose - to create sustainable, profitable sales of your products and services.

At Kingma, we have an amazing array of creative talent. The kind of talent that can develop the big idea into a memorable marketing campaign. But we also understand that our creativity has to have a purpose - Your purpose. 

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One of our principals comes from an engineering background, as does a key strategic partner. Their unique combination of technical expertise and creative communication skills translate technical details into understandable benefits, and a compelling selling strategy

Need a marketing campaign that is effective to a broad range of customers, yet effectively communicates your technology story? Kingma is your agency.





Come visit Kingma's offices and you'll see the usual array of creative talent hard at work. But you'll also see something you don't see at most agencies - Business men and women who have led an astonishing array of successful businesses and enterprises,  and in the process have accumulated an usual depth of business wisdom.

So when you come to Kingma, we don't just talk ads. We can talk about the entire sales and marketing strategy from ads to sales channels to business processes, pointing out areas that only experience would recognize. 

Ready to learn more about Kingma Agency and how we can help you?

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The more you learn about Kingma, the more you will see the difference. Let us put that difference to work for you!