Kingma Success Stories 


Kingma's history is full of success stories that illustrate how we are much more than an ad agency. Here is a sampling of Kingma success stories




Varilease was a small company that sold Unisys computer mainframes and storage systems. Based in Scottsdale, Az,  Varilease needed to break into the Fortune 500. The problem was that the people they needed to reach were largely immune to the clutter of traditional direct mail. KIndma worked with Varilease to develop a strategy that would get them attention, and fast. Multiered marketing, incentives and an web strategy quickly gained the attention of just the clients they wanted.  

When Chantilly, Va company TGS decided to start a systems integration division, they thought they knew what their message would be. But two months of market research by Tom Atkins, now a Kingma principal, uncovered a hole in the market that they could use as a launching point. How successful was the strategy? Simply put it helped propel TGS to four years of 200%/year growth, and into the forefront of Digital Television Integration.

Varney is a well-established electrical-mechanical contracting company located in Roanoke , Virginia . When a new president was appointed, Kingma was hired to update their image and develop sales tools to help potential clients realize the unusual depth of expertise and services they offered. After interviewing the company’s significant employees and customers, we suggested a shorter name and a redesigned image. We subsequently created their new visually-striking logo and identity package; developed a capabilities  presentation folder for their sales efforts; designed their a new web site; and created and promoted a kick-off of their new identity through a well-attended reception at the Jefferson Center.
The Ingersoll-Rand Rock Drill Division needed to expand awareness for its line of consumable products. We developed an international campaign for them using point-of-purchase displays, brochures, and direct mail. Ten different promotions were printed and published in six languages... each promoting a different product. In addition to product photographs, we created a unique cartoon character, representing wear and tear, as the visual focal point

MPwr was a small husband/wife start up software company with a big potential market and an unusually effective product. Working with the Kingma Agency, we developed a strategy to dvelop a striking presence at a national industry trade show with a brochure and visual image that would not only position them as a large established company, but would get them noticed, and hopefully purchased by a large competitor. The resulting brochure, give-away items, and presence at the trade show worked as planned. The company was bought within the next year!
Kingma has many more success stories to share. Our clients range from high profile dental practices to consulting firms, from multi-site real estate companies, to industrial corporations, and from engineering firms to high technology. Contact us to see how we can help you write your own success story!