Our History Tells Our Story

Successful business-to-business marketing programs are best designed by creative people who understand the issues facing business and technical professionals.

During thirty years' experience working in a variety of sales, business, and creative areas, Stan Kingma worked with many different agencies. But even while working in Philadelphia metropolitan area, he was unable to find an agency that had the background he needed. 
Instead of language and images that effectively communicated with other business decision makers, agencies were suggesting cute, inappropriate, or trendy approaches.  often more concerned with winning agency awards, instead of focusing on the sales and needs of their customers.

Stan and Marilyn Kingma started an agency in 1987 to become the resource he was unable to find. Yes, we are creative and innovative, but we go beyond creativity, dealing effectively with business, manufacturing, and technology.  
In 2005, The Kingma Agency began a strategic partnership with Summit Manor, a marketing firm focused on high technology. Tom Atkins, founder of Summit Manor shared Kingma's vision and had practiced it in two decades of marketing and sales in the technology sector. 

The Kingma Agency continues to evolve as is a dedicated team of creative professionals, a unique creative company focused on results. Your results.